Made from good stuff

We make our products consumer-friendly in shape, color, and flavor. We manufacture simple to complex product solutions and provide a spectrum of options to create amazing product experiences for your customers.



    Traditional wheat alternatives, corn and rice varieties.



    Complete protein and flavor-blends, legumes and rice.


    Protein & Fiber Powerhouses

    Ancient grains: quinoa, sorghum, millet, and brown rice. Legumes: lentils, chickpeas, beans, and peas.


    Next Level Nutrition

    Vegetable, vitamin and nutrient inclusions, additional protein.

Pastas made to meet your needs

From organic to non-GMO, our plant-based pastas are always gluten-free. If you don’t see it yet, we can make it.

A variety of flavor and color possibilities

Neutral flavors, traditional colors, muted legume flavors, bright colors, and vegetable-forward flavors. We fashion the flavor and color to your product preference.

  • Stealth Health
  • Subtle Health
  • Overt Health
Classic to kid friendly shapes

Our pasta shapes range from penne, rotini, fusilli, mini fettuccine, elbows, shells and fun shapes like wheels.

  • Classic
  • Interesting
  • Kid Friendly
  • Fun

Delicious and nutritious snacks

Our snacks come in a spectrum of flavor profiles and shapes, and can be made to be fried, puffed or air-baked.

  • Micro Pellets
     Micro Pellets
  • Rings & Puffs
     Rings & Puffs
  • Sticks & Straws
     Sticks & Straws

  • Shapes

Rice made into so much more

Whether it’s fortifying with extra vitamins and nutrients, or blending with your favorite vegetables, we turn a classic staple into an exciting new source of flavor and nutrition.

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